Do not attempt to remove or repair attic insulation by yourself.

Do not attempt to remove or repair attic insulation by yourself.

Living in an older home, doesn’t mean you have to freeze in the winter and swill away in the summer. You should definitely consider updating your house and bringing it up to current code. The update will indeed make for a comfortable climate indoors the rest of the year. Bonus, you’ll save 10% to 50% on heating and cooling bills upgrading insulation depends on where you live, what type of heating system you have.

Southern California is well-known for mid-century homes. If you own a home in the area you may very well be in need of insulation replacement or upgrade. Newer homes might even have fiberglass insulation below standard and may need upgrading. Replace old insulation with energy efficient insulation and significantly lower heating and cooling bills.

The lack of outward or obvious warning signs of damage attic insulation should be checked periodically for signs such as: animal infestation, water damage, or mold and mildew. Call the professionals at the first sign of mold or mildew, or water or animal related damage. You should consult a home insulation replacement and repair team promptly.

Do not attempt to remove or repair home or attic insulation by yourself. It’s very risky to try doing this on your own, you don’t want to spread contaminants throughout your home.

If there is any sign of a roof leak, burst pipe, improper ventilation, or animal infestation, then insulation damage or contamination can result.

Sometimes contractors will use too much insulation. Maybe to use more material, falsely raise the R value of insulation or cut corners on labor. The best way to avoid such things would be using vetted and reputable companies for this service.

Too much insulation can lead to:

  • obstructed airflow
  • blocked air ducts, air vents, and HVAC ventilation
  • compromised electrical wiring
  • Increase of fire hazards.

Installing, replacing, removing and providing insulation upgrades is what we at SOS RODENT Control
can do to assure you can heat and cool your home not only efficiently , pocket friendly cost.

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