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No matter what your line of work, a rat infestation, rodent infestation, or mice infestation can in unsafe for your employees and your customers, and can lead to lost business and productivity.

SOS Rat Control Los Angeles, CA offer specially designed commercial rodent control and rat control programs that seek to eliminate your rodent problem or mice problem throughout the life of your Los Angeles California business

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. Our green and eco-friendly rat control Los Angeles safeguards ensure lasting rodent control & rat prevention, maintaining a relationship of trust between all stakeholders of your business or home. No other rodent control or rat control company in Los Angeles have a better understanding of the struggles of business or home owners to maintain lasting relationships while putting out the fires that arise daily. Call SOS Rat Control Los Angeles, and let us take rat and rodent control issues of your mind for good.

learn-about-rat-borne-diseasesSOS Rat Control Los Angeles will prevent rats and rodents from entering your home for good, Ask about our  5 year Warranty.

Noises in the Attic? Need Rat Control Los Angeles?

The most common problem of rodents is that they will enter your attic through existing holes or chew their way through weak areas of roofs, vents, soffets to gain access to a warm and safe environment.


Protect Your Home from unwanted Rodents in your Attic

Scurrying and scratching noises in your attic/roof not only cause distress and anxiety to some people but are also a very strong indication that rodents or other 5yearwarrantywildlife have taken up residence there. Attic spaces are the perfect environment for rodents and other wildlife because of the dry and warm conditions they provide.

Any noise should be investigated as soon as possible because the nests and droppings of these pests become ideal breeding sites for many species of insects as a secondary infestation.

Just as importantly is the damage rodents and other pests can do to your home – and to anything stored in your roof – not to mention the possible fire hazard associated with their constant gnawing of wood or electric cabling.

The first step is to inspect your roof and look for visible signs of rodents or other wildlife, the most common of which is droppings. The age of the droppings indicates whether the infestation is currently active or not.

Fresh droppings are ‘shiny’ whereas older droppings are dry and dull. Older droppings may indicate an old or seasonal infestation which should still be prevented from re-occurring.

Why choose SOS Rat Control Los Angeles for your rat and rodent solution?

Fully licensed & insured in the state CA
100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Safe for humans, pets and the environment
5 year guarantee rodent prevention
Perfect for residential & commercial properties
Fast and efficient emergency service
Fully licensed & insured in the state CA
100% satisfaction guaranteed!
Safe for humans, pets and the environment.


Identifying Pests Droppings:

  • Mouse Droppings – Thin and spindle shaped with a pointed end and less than ¼ inch long.
  • Brown Rat Droppings – Blunt spindle shaped averaging between ¼ and ½ inch.
  • Black Rat Droppings – Pointed sausage shape average length ½ to ¾ inch.
  • Bat Droppings – Dark brown or black and about ¼ inch long.
  • They look very similar to mouse droppings but bat droppings crumble into a fine powder when crushed whereas fresh mouse droppings are softer. Bat droppings are also found on walls.

Once inside they can cause significant damage which include:

1. Damaged and shredded insulation
2. Feces and urine deposits
3. Stains in Ceilings from urine
4. Strong odors from droppings and soaked or saturated insulation
5. Damage to Electrical wiring creating a real and dangerous fire hazard



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