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As one of the largest rodent control and attic care companies in Northern and Southern California, SOS Rodent Control is the expert at preventing and removing any rodent infestation, no matter the size or area in your home. We aim to serve and enhance the lives of the residents in our community, one rat at a time.

Have you ever thought about what to look for when hiring the right rodent control company? Or do you have questions about your home’s attic? Homeowners  are in need of great resources providing information on how to keep your house free from rodents.

Navigate through our resources for more information from industry experts:

Rodent Control

Gain knowledge about getting rid of and protecting your home from rodents and other unwanted pests. Our industry are the leading expert in everything Rodent Control.

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Attic Care

Attic Care

Information all about attics. SOS Rodent Control not only removes your rodent problems but are experts when it comes to the clean up and maintainence after.

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Navigate through our videos to find answers to any questions you may have about rats in your home or taking proper care of your attic. Industry experts have got you covered.

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