Even after weʼve put and end to you rat problem or rodent problem, the job is not just yet. Attic cleaning and attic clean up are an essential part of what we do. The debris, rat droppings, bat droppings, mice droppings, bat guano, dead animal carcasses, insulation damage and other property damage resulting from a rat infestation or rodent infestation can leave a disgusting, dangerous and scary mess, and may even lead to further rodents infestation. After the rodent removal or rat removal is complete, weʼll leave your home in the best condition possible. Our attic cleaning professionals provide unparalleled attic clean up services to ensure attic decontamination in your home is comprehensive and complete.


Weʼre not talking about a little spring cleaning here. The rat feces, rat droppings, rodent droppings and bat droppings littering your attic are a biohazard and should be handled accordingly. Our safe and effective attic cleaning service, rodent dropping cleanup and attic decontamination allow us professionally administer attic clean up methods that reduce the risk of harm to your family, your home and the environment here in Northern California.


We offer the best rodent removal, rodent control, rat control and dead animal removal services in Northern California. By leaving these kinds of debris and droppings, etc

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. huge infestation and health risks can happen, this is why it is so important to completely sanitize and clean the entire attic to make sure nothing attracts the rodents to come back and that there are no infected areas or even disease infected feces present which can become airborne and inhaled by the those living in the home.

Whether itʼs rat cleanup or other rodent cleanup, we offer a comprehensive and environmentally friendly attic cleanup and attic decontamination program that will restore the condition of your home and will prevent future rodent infestations. Eliminating the debris, droppings, etc. that can cause huge infestation and for their health it is important to completely sanitize and fully clean the whole attic to make sure nothing attracts them to come back and there is no infected areas or even disease infected feces present which can become airborne and inhaled by the those living in the home.

Donʼt hesitate. Call our Rat Control and Rodent Prevention professionals immediately.