In SOS Rodent Control we offer crawl space clean-up services, we wear protective gear, crawl into tight spaces, and remove filthy debris that rodents have left behind. This work is extremely difficult and unpleasant, but you need it done and we’re trained, equipped, and dedicated to do it. Often this service includes the location and removal of dead rats and should always be followed by an application of disinfectant.

Rats destroy, compress, and contaminate the insulation in thousands of attics and crawlspaces each year in the greater San Francisco area.

In crawlspaces beneath homes the insulation is tucked between floor joists just under the floor. Rodents create runways and nests up inside the gap between the insulation and your floor. When that happens the insulation becomes contaminated, so in addition to the filth, the insulation can no longer hold in heat (its “R factor”). Your SOS Rodent Control technician will crawl under your home and work on his or her side or back to unfasten and remove this damaged insulation. It is then packed out – often in plastic bags – before we disinfect the area and install new insulation.

In attics most insulation is the loose, blown-in type. Rats love living in attic insulation because it provides great nesting material and they can burrow into it, which makes them feel safe. The problem is that, not only do rats leave copious amounts of droppings and urine that contaminate the attic space, but their activity, body weight, and urine compress the insulation greatly, reducing its ability to keep your home warm. Attics are tough places to crawl and work, but your SOS Rodent Control technician is up to the task.

We use the latest technology to vacuum huge amounts of rodent debris and damaged loose insulation. This removes as much contamination as possible so we can then remove filthy, matted insulation and replace it with fresh.

Donʼt hesitate. Call our Rat Control and Rodent Prevention professionals immediately.