Why Do Rats Go in the Attic?


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rats in the attic

If you’ve ever woken up to the sound of scampering and scurrying coming from the ceiling above you, chances are you might have rats living in your attic.

Having these rodents around can be scary and destructive, but it’s even worse when they’re located in a space that you can’t quite reach. You may be wondering why and how these rats can make it into such a high point in a home, especially when the attic isn’t typically a place where consistent warmth, food, or water can be found.

Despite this, there are plenty of reasons why the common attic space is rather attractive to the average rat, and knowing why can help you get rid of them once and for all

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Why the Attic is the Perfect Spot for these Rodents

rats in the attic

Typically, rodents hide in small spaces around the house like holes in the wall, underneath some furniture, and other secluded spots. When this happens, you stand an easier chance of coming across them due to seeing (or smelling) droppings, a dead body or two, or another form of mess left behind. Unfortunately, while some people may have spotted rats streaking across the kitchen floor, most rats are out of sight, settled in their nests in the attic, which making for a difficult time when you try to find them, and some pretty creepy noises during the night. But why do rats go in the attic of our homes?

Rats are known as very adept climbers, which is just one of the reasons attics are popular spots for these animals to congregate. Usually, rats will find their way into a home if they find it is a regular source of food, water, and safe, warm shelter. Even if you don’t leave food lying around, the smells from the trash, kitchen, and other areas are enough to attract a hungry family of rats.

Though these creatures are brave enough to move into a house, they are still very much afraid of humans. Due to this, they make a point to stay out of the way of human activity. The attic is the best place for this because people seldom spend prolonged periods of time in this room and when they do use it, it’s only for a quick pop in and out. When people come in, the rats can easily hide until they’ve gone away again.

Lastly, the most common reason rats stay in the attic is because these spaces are insulated.  If done well, an insulated attic should stay warm and dry during bad weather, and cool during hot weather, overall giving the rats some protection from outside elements. However, insulation has a bigger for purpose for rats than just warmth. The material is soft and easy to tear apart, making it perfect for building nests. As the rat family grows, so does the nest, and attics are a never-ending source of this prime element.

What You Can Do to Stop Them in Their Tracks

Of course, it’s difficult to know how to completely “rat proof” your attic. There hundreds of ways the outside elements can find their way into this space, and rats are no different. Whether it’s through a window, gnawing through worn down wood or drywall, worrying a small hole, or finding their way through pipes, rats can find an opening into your attic and stay there long before they’re every detected.

While you can go up and check that any known openings are covered, work to seal any cracks or replace worn out materials, and even set your own traps to catch rats if they should find their way in anyway, doing it on your own is only a Band-Aid. The best thing to do is to contact the professionals who can ensure security, safe and human removal, and maintenance that will last.

SOS Rodent serves the Orange and Los Angeles Counties by helping homes and businesses deal with rodent control in a way that’s both human and gentle on the environment. With their help, various clients have been able to reclaim their homes from pesky creatures with having to resort to violence or foot a huge bill. Whether rats are making a home in your attic or any other part of your home, SOS Rodent can take care of it. Call them at (415)539 0157.