SOS Rodent Control is a Southern California-based company dedicated to the removal of animal pests in homes and office buildings. Our goal is to help our clients with any and all problems they may be having with rodents, and other pests in a safe manner. This fully licensed business has various locations throughout Southern California where we enjoy providing excellent business, including Santa Clara. This area is a rich, beautiful place and we want to keep it that way with the help of our highly qualified employees and our unmatched rodent control solutions.

History & Landmarks

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There are various landmarks throughout the city of Santa Clara, but one of the best landmarks is the beautiful Statue of Saint Clare. Surrounded by water features, beautiful gardens, and natural trees, the Statue stands in front of Santa Clara City Hall. It continues to draw the admiration of residents and tourist alike. To read more, visit here.

Santa Clara is also home to the Mission Santa Clara de Asis. One of the oldest landmarks in the city, the Mission has been standing since 1777 and is the eighth California Mission out of twenty-one. It was named for a 13th century Italian nun and has had some influence on the city’s name itself. To learn more, read here.

Santa Clara’s history begins nearly 250 years ago with Jose Francisco Ortega, who was scouting for the Portola-Serra Party in 1769. He was known as the first European to visit the area that was soon dubbed the Santa Clara Valley. Primarily, the area was completely inhabited by the Los Costanos tribe, who were later called the Ohlone. When Spain began colonizing California, the Franciscan Padres (priests) chose the Santa Clara Valley for the site of their eighth mission, Mission Santa Clara named for Saint Clare. The mission was officially founded on January 12, 1777.

During the Gold Rush in 1849, a variety of settlers came to the fertile land of the Santa Clara Valley and began to settle the area. By the 1850s, the area was beginning to take shape as a well-settled and recognizable town. On July 5, 1852, the town was incorporated and became a state-chartered city in 1962.

For more on the complete history of Santa Clara, read here.

Interesting Facts

Santa Clara is home to a variety of art museums that showcase both art and history of the area. What’s more—each of these museums are free to the public! In Santa Clara, residents and tourists alike can visit and enjoy the following museums:

  • Intel Museum: Located at the headquarters of the Intel Company, this museum allows visitors to see how computer chips are made every day except Sunday.
  • de Saisset Art Museum: This museum is just a short walk across the way from the Mission Santa Clara de Asis at the Santa Clara Univeristy, this museum houses a beautiful (and permanent!) collection of art. Visitors can enjoy learning about and viewing American, European, African, and Asian art collections.
  • Triton Museum of Art: This lovely museum has a collection of 19th and 20th century American art, a seven-acre sculpture garden, and various Native American tribal collections.

As our main offices are located in Santa Clara on Homestead Road, drive time can be anywhere between 10-20 minutes for local residents and 30 minutes to an hour for residents located outside of the city. When we come to service, the duration of the project may vary depending upon what we’re dealing with. Smaller rodents like rats and squirrels shouldn’t take too long, but as we tackle larger rodents like raccoons and opossums, those projects may require more. Of course, you can contact us to get a feel for what your service will entail by filling out a simple message card outlining rodent problems.

What to Expect When We Service

When working with SOS Rodent, our clients can always expect a high level of professionalism. Our operators are well educated, incredibly respectful, and maintain a certain level of professional communication at all times. We know how to fix your problem in a timely, efficient manner and use only the most effective solutions to fix damage caused by rodents.

Santa Clara is one of the most naturally beautiful cities in southern California, making it a great place to do business. Due to the lush gardens, various trees, and other natural landscapes, there are plenty of wildlife running around, and sometimes they can find their way into homes and office buildings. Thankfully, that’s where SOS Rodent comes in to help! The large commercial and residential communities mean lots of opportunities for business, and we can’t wait to service our clients.

When rodents invade your home, call SOS Rodent to take care of things. We know what we’re doing, and we enjoy the opportunity to service our clients with professional, efficient solutions that are also humane and safe on the environment.

SOS Rodent is the company to call when rodents bother your home

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. Through the creepy noises, unsightly droppings, dangerously chewed wires, and more damages that rodents can cause, SOS Rodent will be there. We can’t wait to service you and help your home become a pest-free zone again. Contact us at (415)539 0157.

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