Rodent prevention is a major factor in protecting your home

Rodent prevention is a major factor in protecting your home

Rodent prevention is a major factor in protecting your home and family from these critters and their diseases. The preventative measures you chose to take on can only be effective if you commit to the follow through.

 First You Should Eliminate Food Sources

•    Store food, in metal or heavy plastic containers. These tend to be rodent-proof. Especially be sure to store grains, pet food and birdseed properly.
•    Store grass seed in sealed containers and make sure to put away any uneaten pet food.
•    Rodent-proof your garbage cans with tight fitting lids. You could even use rubber cords to fasten them down if necessary. Replace damaged garbage cans (cracks or holes.) with new ones.
•    Clear your yard of any food, even fruit that may fall from trees in your yard

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•    Walk around your home and look for holes (even small ones) around your foundation, eaves and soffits. Fill each whole with steel wool or fill with each hole with

caulk, plaster or cement. If a whole can’t be filled cover it well with sheet metal.

And Don’t Forget Water Sources.
•    Including leaky pipes or run off.
•    Cover pools effectively.

Trim back tree branches so none come within 6 feet of your roof.

•    Critters love the attic

Daytime rodent sightings, such as droppings and chewed holes or wires, are signs of a severe rodent problem. Setting mouse traps or following DIY rodent extermination are not enough. They may work for a short while, but without professional rodent control and rodent prevention, they will always come back.
Rodent control is definitely best left up to professionals to handle. Rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels and opossum are perfectly adapted to Southern California.

Rodent prevention and control techniques should be safe for your family and your  home.

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•    Natural Rat Control
•    Natural Rodent Control
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Don’t hesitate. Call our Rat Control and Rodent Prevention professionals immediately.

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