Whatʼs that smell?

Thereʼs more to rat and rodent control than just removing the animal. Rats, rodents, raccoons, squirrels, bats, and even birds leave musky, pungent odors wherever they go. Even in Northern California, wild animals of all types make there way into attics, basements, crawlspaces and bathroom vents. If your home is in the Bay Area and you are experiencing an unexplained odor in your home, call us now for a consultation.

What causes animal odors?

Once weʼve removed animal, the stench left by rat urine odor, skunk odor, pet urine odor or cat urine odor, catspray odor and skunk spray odor can linger for months. In places where animals nest and sleep, rodent feces, rat feces, bat feces, and other animal excrement and waste can accumulate to levels that, even once removed, leave a powerful scent that only our professional odor removal services can provide.

But the animal is long gone?

The odors and smells left by dead and decaying rat, rodent and other animal carcasses can be even more persistent and powerful than those of living animals. Even if an animal has only visited your Bay Area home briefly, the oils, greases, musks and scent glands these animals leave in their wake wonʼt go away on their own. Our Northern California based odor removal specialist can neutralize these odors and erase ever trace of the animalʼs presence from your home for good.

How do I remove animal odors?

Donʼt. Our team of animal and odor removal professionals will remove the odorʼs source, clean and disinfect all surfaces and affected materials, and neutralize any remaining odor. Our EPA approved oxidizing agents, aerosols, foggers, germicides and disinfectants are the most effective and safest available in the greater Bay area.

Donʼt hesitate. Call our dead animal removal and animal carcass removal professionals immediately.