Rat Diseases


Rats excrete the virus in their urine, saliva, and droppings. A person might be exposed to hantavirus by inhaling contaminated dirt and dust after irritating or cleaning rodent droppings or nests, or by living or working in rodent-infested settings.


Humans are infected through contact with water, food, or dirt containing urine from these infected rodents (i.e

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. rats, mice). The disease may also be transmitted through direct contact with urine, blood or tissue from an infected rodent. The bacteria can enter through broken skin or through the soft tissues on the inside of the mouth, nose or eyes.

Murine Typhus

A Severe infectious infection that may be passed on to humans by rat fleas and feces. The signs and symptoms include fever, headache, rash, body aches & pains, and chills.


Germs which causes disease in humans and animals and is transmitted to humans by eating food infected with rodent feces

Preventative Measures

At one point your attic has more than likely already been infested with rodents, which may carry many of these diseases. In order to protect yourself and your family from rodents transmitting these types of disease within your dwelling the following measures needs to be taken. Remove rodent feces & urine. Keep rodents out of your home. Eliminate rodent food sources. Clean rodent infested areas. Lastly, make sure you wash your hands after contact with animal feces. SOS Rodent Control Group can provide all of these services to you and assure your attic will be clean. We will make sure to take extra preventative measure that we not spread these diseases while cleaning your attic.