An important first step in getting rid of rats is locating and filling entry points. How about we learn how to get rid of the rats. Making it difficult for them to enter your home can be very effective. As well as cleaning and decluttering your home and setting traps. However, mice can enter an opening as small as 3/8″ wide.
Traps are a non-toxic and effective way of Rodent Control.

There are 3 types of rat traps most commonly used for Rodent Control:

Electronic Traps
Snap Traps
Glue Traps.

The correct trap placement technique involves placing traps in major rodent activity areas.

This happens to be a highly successful method. Opposite to that is the most common trapping mistake of using of too few rat traps.
More rats are caught on the first night than on any other night. It’s critical to use a large quantity of traps this night.
Rat infestations can cause substantial and extensive damage to your home.
Rodent Control is best when preceding infestations. Rats breed very quickly.
Immediately contact a pest control professional for identifying and eliminating the problem pest.

Vital step in Rodent Control- Don’t feed the intruders!

Eliminate their food and resources.

Cover holes around your home with sheet metal, fill holes with caulk, plaster or cement.
Store food, especially grains, in rodent-proof containers

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. (Try metal or heavy plastic.)
Rodent-proof your garbage cans. Replace if damaged and keep lids closed tightly.
Fill large and small holes with steel wool, around your foundation, eaves and soffits
Stack fire wood off the ground and away from buildings.
Place birdhouses and birdseed on poles and in trays were rats can’t get access.
Plant bushes least 3 ft. from your home.
Keep yards clean and clutter free.
Clean up fruit and vegetables from your yard.
Do not leave your pet food outside. If rover won’t eat it, the rats will.
Keep all children and pets away from rodents. Rodents will bite to defend themselves.